Affiliate Program
Slidenjoy offers an affiliate program for affiliate members to earn $20 commission from any sale resulting from a referral link or links from the members site:
  • When your affiliate link is used it will store referral details for 30 days from the first time the link is used, meaning if someone buys within 30 days of using your link, you will be credited with the affiliate sale.
  • When you join our referral program you will be provided with links to choose from.
  • Coupon codes are generally available from your affiliate dashboard to help increase conversions.
  • The program is managed by a third party.
  • Commission is paid via Pay-Pal.

 To signup for our affiliate program (takes about one minute) just follow this link :

  • After joining our affiliate program you may log-in here :
  • Download banners from the creatives tab on your dashboard ( or from our media kit )
  • Feel free to use any image from our site for/as links with your referral code link.
  • Use the referral code link listed on your dashboard and in your welcome e-mail for all links.
How Do I Sign Up to Become an Affiliate?

You can sign up here :

How Much Do I Get Paid to Be an Affiliate?
We pay our affiliates $20 per sales using store credit.
How Do I Login to My Affiliate Account?
Do You Have any Widgets or Images I Can Use?

Once logged into Refersion, click on the “Creatives” tab to get embeddable images and links.

Please, feel free to use any image from our website / Facebook page too.

How Long Does a Cookie Last?
30 days.
Why Isn't My Affiliate Link Working?

First, login to your account and make sure you are using the correct affiliate link.

Second, wait at least a day to check your reports. The system is not instantaneous and may take a day to update.

Anyway, if you have any question, please feel free to contact us :