Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Slidenjoy.

Do the twin displays work correctly and smoothly, dragging windows across the displays and the laptop screen?

Yes, we do use the DisplayLink technology, which has been made for that. In addition to this, everything will be traditionally managed by your Operating System (Mac OS & Windows). Your Slidenjoy will exactly be seen in your settings as if you were running two additional screens.

Can it be powered and driven by a single USB cable? Without external powering ?

It depends on your laptop, a few brands don’t conform to the USB norms of electric power. That’s why we’ve planned to add a « Y » USB 3.0 and a classical power alimentation to avoid any problem.

How heavy will the different units be?

Slidenjoy weights between 1.2 and 1.8 kilo, as planned, depending the models.

Confirmation that the resolution of the screens is 1920x1080 and the brightness matches standard laptop screens.

Yes, our screens are full HD (1920 x 1080) and the brightness is standard. You’ll be able to use a software to manage the brightness.

Do the hinges work correctly to hold the screens in all the advertised positions and will they be robust enough for years worth of use?

Yes, you’ll see it in the video. That’s the hardest part on our project, we’ve worked on it during a year. Even if this is not a surprise anymore, you will even be able to use it in countless possibilities. Our hinges do not have to be used in 3 positions anymore, but have enough friction to be folded and used at any desired angle.

Does the magnetic attachment system work and allow the screens to be used when the laptop is on someone’s lap ?

Yes, we’ve planned everything in this purpose. That’s why we’ve worked a lot with our engineers on the kickstand, because we wanted it to be more robust, solid and adaptable in any situation with any kind of laptop. Regarding the 4 magnetic pads, thick of a half millimeter only, you will even be able to get them separately on our website for peanuts, if for any reason you would need more than 2 sets !

Is the kickstand robust and will work with all laptop types advertised ?

Already answered in the previous question And yes, we offer a guarantee of 2 years, to prove you we believe in its robustness. Of course, you can’t push with all your strength on the screens, the hinges aren’t ready for that, but they are solid enough to enable you to open and close your Slidenjoy as many times as you wish.

What DisplayLInk chipset will be used?

We work closely on this purpose with Displaylink.

What driver support will be provided?

He’s directly integrated with the DisplayLink microchips. They will also be available online (on our website and the DisplayLink one).

What is the power draw of the single and twins models ?

The screens consume 5 Watts. Your computer should use 1/3 of its battery to power the Slidenjoy.

Have all the parts been ordered and is the supply chain secure?

Supplying the different parts isn’t complicated and the process is short. We finalize our last prototype and then we order the different parts. We already know what we need. Most of people are scared of large quantities and dedicated parts. But keep in mind, screens have always been produces by large providers in Asia, such as Displaylink microchips that we simply need to buy directly without having to produce them by ourselves.

Is the cable part of the screens, or provided separately and plugged in (and could be swapped)?

This is separated from Slidenjoy. It could be swapped if needed. As seen in the prototype, and described earlier, you will receive two different cables. One « Y » USB 3.0 , and one « USB-C », just in case your laptop already benefits from it. Your new gadget is definitely part of the future 😉

What do they mean by USB-C support (will they support additional voltage/amperage levels or is it the equivalent of a USB-C adaptor on the end of the cable or just a different cable)?

That means it respects the USB-C norms in terms of data transfers and power alimentation. Will be perfectly compatible with the new Macbook.

Does the comb thing work correctly in double screen / single screen mode as advertised ?

Yes it does, you can only open one screen if needed. Will consume less energy, of course. That’s also a reason why we spent so much time on the functional design. Why would you need to open both, if you only need one during your flight, or in the train ? Nope, you definitely won’t have to bother your seat-mate.

Will the personalised screens encounter further delay?

No, they’ll be deliver same time as the « not personalised » ones.

I would like to know if the company of slidenjoy is financially healthy in the forthcoming months ( 9 months ) for example since a baby takes nine months to be born.

Yes, we have no financial problems. And always in a wish of improving our growth even faster, we’re processing a fundraising at the moment. We’ve already explained that to you in our last video update. Regarding sales and potential financial info, we can’t share with you specific amounts, that we hope you understand, as long as it is intimately linked to privacy. However, since the campaign is completed, keep in mind we more than tripled our sales.

Concerning patents, explain where the Creator is with these and could there be possible delays as these things do take some time.

This patenting processes are finalised. Won’t have any impact on the delivery timeline. This is a totally independent process.

Provide information regarding SlidenJoy corporate office location: is it located in standalone building, within commercial bay, industrial building, established office space or other ______?

We work in Laurent’s villa, located 31 Rue moncheret 6280 Acoz in Belgium. We have an office there to work on the project. As previously said, all expenses are measured and avoided as far as possible. Renting a nice, beautiful, spacious and luxurious office space in the center of Brussels is not a must, now !

What kind of screen do you use: TN, AMO LED and etc ?

Our screens are led, with a matte finition. IPS panels. Yeeeeees, you’ll be able to drink your coffee on the terrace, working with your Slidenjoy, without suffering from glossy finition, if that is the question 😉

The amount of energy that the screens might consume (double screen/single screen /combo active / combo non-active mode) in Watt/h ?

A screen consumes 5w/h.

The content of the 2-year warranty (applicable geographical zones / which parts / return policy and etc ).

The guarantee will be international. We’ll have a strict return policy. As told above, if the damage is due to a bad use from the customer, we won’t do anything. But if it’s our mistake, the Slidenjoy will be repaired or exchanged, regarding the nature of the problem.

Does it work on OS/OSx ? Est-ce que cela fonctionne sous OS/OSx ?

Yes, works on OS/OSx and also Windows.

Are the screens protected well once fold in ?

Yes, there’s a protection in aluminium, as observed by the bailiff.

Is this the final working prototype that you are going to test?(25March) if it is not, why?


Do we need to attach an extra external power to power up the two screens? if yes, why

You might have to since laptops manufacturers don’t respect the reglementation about usb power output.

Do we need to plug two usb cables to power the screens all the time or not? Can we use just one USB cable to power the two screens at the same time via one USB3 port

You’ll need one usb 3.0 or two 2.0

Will the kickstand work correctly in the single screen / double screen mode? Are the screens stable or not with the kickstand

Yes they are stable.

Can the opened windows be moved around between 3 screens (the laptop screen + the 2 slidenjoy screens ) without seeing any visible delays

Yes you’ll be able to do so. No delays.

Do the screens become really hot after a certain period of time?

Like normal screens, they’ll heat up but not much more than usual screens

The power consumption of the screens

It’ll take around 30 to 50 % of the battery life.

The screen panels that they use is which type (TN/ VA/ IPS or etc )


Are the screens flicker free?


input connectors?

USB’s, 2.0/ 3.0 and type C if available

Is it easy to attach and detach the screens from the back of the laptop screen (when folded together and when they are expanded)

Yes due to his attachment system, made of pads which are magnetic and adhesive at the same time but on each side.

Do we need the kickstand in order to make the screens work when they are attached to the back of the laptop screen.

Not especially.

Will the laptop tilt backwards after attaching the screens?

No since there’s a kickstand

Can you see clearly where the cursor is on the screens


Are there any controls to change the brightness / contrast / languages etc available directly via the screens

There’ll be a software included to do so.

Refreshing rate



13” 15” 17”

Easily removable?

Yes due to the attachment system


yes both



Is it a computer?


How to attach?

with pads

Shipped worldwidely ?




New macbook pro 2016 ?


Aspect Ratio




Response time




How to use?

Plug and play (auto install, it’ll be managed by the OS)

Power Suply


Where can I buy Slidenjoy ?

You can buy your Slidenjoy on this link here. https://www.leslide.com/

How can I find the closest store to buy Slidenjoy ?

At this time, Slidenjoy is only available online.

Are you shipping in my country ?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

How does Slidenjoy work ?

It’s pretty simple. You just have to clip it on the back of your laptop screen using the magnetic pads. Then, connect it by USB (one 3.0 or two 2.0) and it’s done.

My laptop has a 14” screen. Is it a problem ?

No, don’t worry. Any Slidenjoy works with any size of laptop. So, if you want bigger screens, feel free to pick a 15” or 17”.

Does Slidenjoy work with any OS ?

At this time, it’s only working with Windows and OSX.

Is Slidenjoy touchscreen ?

This first version of Slidenjoy is not touch screen.

Am I forced to use the 2 screens ?

No, you can expand one screen and let the other inside if you want.

After ordering, when am I supposed to get my Slidenjoy ?

The delivery starts by the end of Q3 2017. (September)

May I know all technical details about the screens ?

Sure ! Here is what you want to know :


  • Slab type : IPS (best results for less consumption) & matte slab.
  • Colorimetry : sRGB
  • Response time : 5ms
  • Frequency : 60hz
  • Resolution : 1920 x 1080
  • Luminosity : 350cd/m2 (higher luminosity could have been possible, but this choice is deliberate. Luminosity being one big source of consumption)
  • Contrast : 1000:1
  • Weight of each slab : 50-100 grams depending on the size chosen. Final accessory weight depends of course on finishes, sizes, … but you can now imagine how light it will be.
  • Viewable screen size :
  • 13″ : 11.59 inch x 6.52 inch / 294mm x 165mm
  • 15″ : 13.59 inch x 7.64 inch / 345mm x 194mm
  • 17″ : 15.07 inch x 8.48 inch / 382mm x 215mm



Is my Slidenjoy under warranty ?

Yes. Each user has a legal and international warranty for two years.

I have both MacBook and Windows laptops. Can I switch from one to another ?

Yes, of course. You just have to purchase an additional mounting kit on our web store.

Will the magnets be visible on the final product ?

Nope, they will be integrated.

Am I obliged to buy the case if I have a Mac ?

Nope. You can stick our adhesive pads at the rear of your laptop without any problem.

What is the maximum length of the USB cable ?

We are currently using a 40 – 50cm USB cable. We plan to use the same length for the final version. Some adjustments will be made depending on new models of laptops available on the market. We want Sliden’Joy to be entirely adapted for all kinds and brands of laptops.

The cable will be long enough to be plugged on the right or left side of your laptop, depending on the side your USB ports are located. A longer cable will be available on our web store, if you need it for a stand-alone use.

Do I need some particular drivers ?

Slidenjoy is plug&play. However, drivers will be available on our website, if your computer doesn’t recognize it right away.

Are they adapted for gaming NVIDIA surround ?

We opted for the easiest way of use. You’ll manage your screens traditionally, like you’ve always done until now, when plugging additional screens, in your OS settings.

Are the screens suitable for gaming NVIDIA surround ?

Screens haven’t been made and adapted for gaming in this version. A gaming version will be available soon, depending on the campaign results. However, games which are not requiring too high specs are possible. Yes, you can play Minecraft ! 😉

Any compatibility with Linux ?

Right now, nope. A V2 will be partially dedicated to Linux users. We do not forget you ! 🙂

Do you use recycled materials ?

Wherever possible, it’s part of our philosophy. However, as we have not reached the commercialization stage yet, it is very difficult to answer.

Does Slidenjoy work if I use it with a USB hub ?

Yes, no problem !

How about distribution, re-selling or sponsoring ?

Please, feel free to contact us. We would be glad to discuss it with you. (Info@slidenjoy.com)