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While Slidenjoy works exactly like traditional monitors, it differs in its freestanding ability and easy connection to the back of your laptop, while remaining much thinner and much lighter. No more carrying around heavy and unnecessary products. The Slidenjoy is so lightweight you'll almost forget it is in your bag. Plug in the USB and the display will automatically launch. Enjoyable and practical on a personal or professional level, Sliden'Joy is also useful in web development, graphic design, photography, video artistry and for students, business people, gamers, architects, travelers, DJ's, and designers.

What's in the box.
Your Slidenjoy
1x micro USB B IN and Y USB 3.0 OUT
1x micro USB B IN and USB-C OUT
8x steel pads

One cable to rule them all.

Technical details.
  • Screen : Panoramic screen 16:9
  • Panel : IPS
  • Résolution : 1920 x 1080
  • Full HD 1080P : Yes
  • Brightness (max) : 220cd/㎡
  • Contrast (max) : 700:1
  • Response Time : 5ms
13", 15" & 17"
Slidenjoy perfectly matches your favorite work tool. It is available in 3 sizes : 13″, 15″ and 17″ for the launching. Some others are coming soon.
• At the same price!
3 sizes
Mac and Windows friendly
Slidenjoy works on your laptop.
We designed it to work on both platforms.
Any USB-C connector on your laptop? Perfect, then plug it with a single USB type-C Cable (included in the box).
USB 3.0

No USB-C connector? No worries. We designed it to work on a single USB 3.0 port.

USB 2.0? Not a problem. Simply plug the second USB 2.0 cable.

180° rotation
Once your additional screens slided, simply turn them up to 180° to share what you see with people seating around the table. From now, you can share to 1 single person, 2, 3, or even 10 people at the same time. Your way of work is going to change ..
Adjustable foot
Designed to fit any laptop size / brands / models. Easily adjustable.
Depending on the size. Between 1,2kg and 1,8kg.
  • 13" : 229 depth x 334 width x 18 height mm
  • 15" : 257 depth x 378 width x 18 height mm
  • 17" : 285 depth x 422 width x 18 height mm
  • 1x micro USB B IN and Y USB 3.0 OUT
  • 1x micro USB B IN and USB-C OUT
  • 8x steel pads


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9 colors
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